The Free MMO Roundup: Game Reviews of Online Wonderment!

In an ever increasing multi part series I sit down and play, then review online games. The criteria for the games I review are simple.

  • Online
  • Free to Play
  • Multiplayer

Now this list could easily grow to upwards of a thousand games when you look at the clones, the rip offs, and the horrible attempts so I won’t review everything. I tend to review what I play, and I play what looks good. You can always come here for the full list of the games that I have reviewed, or leave a comment with a game you think I would like or a game you would like a review for.

Evony Online (Developed by Evony, LLC Published by Evony, LLC)

Vindictus (Developed by DevCAT, Published by Nexon)

Empires and Allies (Developed by Zynga)

Battle Pirates (Developed by Kixeye)

Shadowgate (Developed and Published under the Creative Commons Licence by various individuals)

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