GDD – Battle of Qualon


Battle of Qualon is an immersive massive multiplayer web driven role playing game for the PC that will engage players in a constant war for territory and glory against thousands of other adventurers in a fantasy setting.


You will join the Battle of Qualon by first joining one of the four armies gathering for control over the land. Each of the four factions will have distinct advantages and personalities that will either appeal to you, or make them your sworn enemy. You will purchase your equipment, decide on your skills and fighting style then survey the land. Your map shows that your faction is doing well and has pushed to capture five of the fifty provinces and your faction’s flag is slowly creeping towards a major province that will provide much needed war supplies. You gather a team from your faction at the barracks and coordinating with other regiments you head out into the wilderness. Crossing into the first provinces you pass other adventurers as they clear the fields and valleys of lesser creatures in melee, magical and ranged combat, offering congratulations to them on well earned victories as they gather experience and gold needed to purchase better equipment back at the fortress.

Crossing into the disputed province you change your view to look out across the thin forest to see the creatures have become slowly stronger and your team fans out. Each of these will require teamwork for adventurers so young but with the right combination of skills you conquer them one at a time moving slowly to the obelisk in the distance. The obelisk will provide the entire faction with resources so long as it is held and one member of your team starts to raise the flag on it, though it will take some time before it is captured.

This advance was obviously noticed though as you see a small group of another faction advancing on your team. They outnumber you and the stakes are high so you make the decision. You use one of your most valuable resources, a crystal to purchase a buff to your power for the day, then another to double your rewards for the battle. Your force engages and after long minutes of combat you are victorious. You know that the enemy has been reborn at their fortress but you taught them a lesson and gained experience and gold for the fight. Quickly you use the experience you earned to advance your skills in melee combat and over in the horizon you see what you feared most. Two separate forces from the other factions advancing. Do you fight them both? Back off to let them fight each other? Or hold the obelisk for as long as you can until your faction can reinforce you?

Key Features

  • Battle of Qualon will engage players over an expansive map of provinces that will ever change hands in a never-ending fight for supremacy
  • Three distinct character classes with multiple skill trees within will provide extensive customization for different play styles.
  • Monsters from the wild will challenge players and change the course of the war as armies are forced to decide what danger to face. Nature, or the other factions.
  • Regimental system will provide players with collaborative channels and chances to shine to the faction leaders.
  • Squad formation will allow adventurers to work together, sharing the danger and the rewards.
  • Purchase crystals to play casually, yet keep up with the hard core adventurer.
  • Find legendary equipment deep in the provinces to increase your power and renown.

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