Breathing Life into the Clouded World

One of the hardest things to do for Tattered Sky is filling the game with as much content that has been rumbling around in my head since the book was started. There is a complete world there in my mind with a history, geography, and cast of characters spanning several generations. While the book centers around the first generation and explains the mysteries of the clouded world and Daer’Kalon the game is set several generations later when the old dust has had just enough time to settle for the next threat to emerge. Getting it all out is a matter of time and for every word or image put into the game project a sigh of relief can be heard from the muse over my shoulder. I’m sure she is sick of having to whisper the same things for so long without me actually creating it.

The project ticks on, and as always I’d love feedback on the content Ive posted here and here and as I continue I’m reminded that I still haven’t managed a domain/hosting space, or purchased the licenses for tools I need to complete the project so any support or serious talk of investing is always welcome. Till again, I leave you with the Usurper.


~ by losthellhound on December 9, 2011.

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