Support! (And the rat!)

A friend was asking me about the rat blogger that was stealing my posts and using them for their own, and in the conversation they suggested that I put up a support button. This way they could contribute the 5 bucks they could without going through the hassle of third parties like Kickstarter, or convince their significant other that they really needed that Monopoly set. So on the right you see a support page, and here is a link to that page that has a button that is a link (and on and on).

And I don’t want to supply the link to the rat blogger, I don’t want to get them more hits for their WoW gold farming business / stealing other people’s ideas and poorly editing them site. They arent hosted by WordPress so they can’t help me, and Chinese websites don’t generally care if the content is stolen I’ve found…


~ by losthellhound on May 18, 2011.

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