An update over lunch…

I think I fixed my conundrums with classes in the game. But first..

One of the first series of games I played in this genre was Dragon Warrior by Enix. Now Dragon Warrior is a series ported over from Japan (Called Dragon Quest). While the reception wasn’t as warm as Final Fantasy, it gave us some very important contributions to the genre, and in my mind, the stories told in the series were amazing. The games evolved slowly.. The First game had only one character, the second a party of three that the ‘hero’ gathered in the first chapters. By the third game (released 1991) the system included classes. I have a mixed review to this. The third game included the ability yes to customize and tailor the skills and power of the party, but by removing the ‘actor’ and replacing it with ‘party member’ the story suffered. The story became just about the hero and I always wondered why the three goons I had created were following me in the first place. By the release of Dragon Warrior 4, Enix reversed course and replaced the goons with actors again. They did this through brilliant chapter story telling. While you lost the ability to change the powers of those in your team, the available list of characters gave you the ability to have the right skills for the right time.

I’ve decided to keep classes, but limit it somewhat. There are four ‘actors’ that are collected in the first section of the game. Without giving too much away, they fall under:

  • Well rounded fighter
  • Mage
  • Heavy Fighter
  • Mage


The fourth is a Keeper, but since you don’t know what that means, I kept it at mage for now. Within the classes though, there will be a chance after the first chapter to add a specialty to the classes. For the melee classes there will be:

  • Skirmisher (focus on speed over defense with skills to increase damage)
  • Protector (Focus on HP and defense with skills to limit damage)
  • Commander (Balanced focus, with skills to buff party)

And with the mage characters, they will all get the basic damage and healing spells but:

  • Healer (focus on healing spells *duh*)
  • Elementalist (Focus on damage spells)
  • Illusionist (Focus on debuff spells)


This way I keep the rich story telling I can provide with real personalities behind the ‘actors’ and still provide the depth of game play that customization can provide.


~ by losthellhound on April 6, 2011.

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