Update on the RPG Project

In the words of an ex-con turned folk hero.. I love it when a plan comes together..

Though that wouldn’t be quite accurate. I love it when it happens, but I had no plan whatsoever. Instead I had an idea, and a sudden influx of opportunity. The project is turning out quite well already and although I have months of work on my hands (that whole full time job thing cuts down on creative time) it will be a great few months. I still haven’t put up a page specific to the project but may do that soon. The reason I haven’t is because once I put up a page, I need to clearly define the goals, and the milestones. The one good thing about working alone on this type of project though is that I don’t have to have any milestones. I do wonder how I get hundreds of hits a day here, without any comments… I wonder is commenting broken?

And here is one of my wonderful monsters…


~ by losthellhound on April 4, 2011.

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